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Nature’s Garden security shoots at striking workers

On Wednesday, 9 September, WASP received reports from workers that the private armed security employed by Nature’s Garden, without any provocation, chose to raise their guns and fire indiscriminately at nearly 100 picketing workers. Ten workers required medical attention for the wounds inflicted by rubber bullets and another type of ammunition that remains unidentified. 300 workers, who are members ofRead the rest of this page »

Urgent call for solidarity!

WASP will not be Intimidated by Spineless Capitalist Tactics Last week we released a statement in solidarity with striking workers employed at frozen vegetables and chips manufacturer Nature’s Garden in Alberton. Since 12 August, more than 300 members of the General Industries Workers Union of South Africa (GIWUSA) have been engaged in a protected strike with the company’s management overRead the rest of this page »

BOYCOTT Nature’s Garden

WASP Supports Boycott of company’s Products in Solidarity with Striking Workers On Wednesday, 12 August more than 300 members of the General Industries Workers Union of South Africa (GIWUSA) employed at frozen vegetables manufacturer Nature’s Garden in Alberton embarked on strike action to demand a living wage. Despite the fact that the company has been reaping the rewards of increasedRead the rest of this page »

Close Schools Now

Schools Stay Closed Until It's Safe | WASP

Fight to fundamentally change education instead! Written by a Western Cape Teacher Schools have been forced open by the big push to “save the economy” by loosening lockdown restrictions. On 7 June, new daily cases totaled 2300. Five weeks since the opening of schools on 8 June, over 12,000 new cases were reported daily. Education workers have been thrown ontoRead the rest of this page »

Democratic Republic of the Congo — 60 Years of Neo-Colonial Plundering

Lumumba and Eyskens sign the document granting independence to the Congo (source: Wikipedia)

On Tuesday, June 30th 2020 the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) will be celebrating the sixtieth anniversary of its independence from Belgian colonial rule. But sixty years after independence, the DRC is one of the poorest countries in the world. This poverty is rooted in the neo-colonial plundering post-independence, dictatorships and war of DRC. Written by Martin LeBrun ofRead the rest of this page »

End trade union paralysis – For a fighting socialist programme!

Workers and Socialist Party

Perspectives to build a militant trade union movement in the context of Covid-19 and economic turmoil Statement by WASP National Committee The Treasury forecasts that job losses this year will range from 3 to 7 million. Even the highly optimistic three-million-scenario sketches the outlines of the economic storm and extreme shocks awaiting the working class. The most probable scenario isRead the rest of this page »

Organise a National Stay-away to Keep Schools Closed

Schools Stay Closed Until It's Safe

Teachers, support workers, and communities should decide how and when schools open Statement by WASP In response to the ministerial announcement by Angie Motshekga that schools will reopen from 1 June, a majority of existing teacher unions SADTU, NAPTOSA, PEU, NATU, and SAOU, have released a joint statement instructing their members to not enter schools that are unsafe. According toRead the rest of this page »

May Day: A Time to Strike Back

A Fighting Strategy For Workers Under Pandemic

Statement by WASP In 1894, socialist Rosa Luxemburg wrote an article on the origins of May Day . It stated: “The first of May demanded the introduction of the eight-hour day. But even after this goal was reached, May Day was not given up. As long as the struggle of the workers against the bourgeoisie and the ruling class continues,Read the rest of this page »

Capitalism is the Virus: Socialism is the Only Cure


Five Reasons To Fight for a Socialist World in 2020 — Five reasons to join the ISA May Day statement from our world organisation, International Socialist Alternative May Day — International Workers’ Day this year has a special significance at a time when the world is in the grip of the Coronavirus and facing perhaps the worst economic crisis forRead the rest of this page »

Now is the Time for Revolution, not Reformism

written by Mametlwe Sebei The COVID-19 pandemic has ignited a global public health crisis without precedence in living memory. The worldwide personal suffering and misery is incalculable: tragic loss of life, untold emotional torment and pain of survivors, terror and fear of starvation, enormous losses of income for many struggling for survival under lockdowns and curfews. The social and economicRead the rest of this page »

For a socialist South Africa, a socialist Africa, and a socialist world!