No more train crashes & rail deaths!

For a world-class, reliable and safe rail service that puts working class commuters and rail and station staff first!

On 8 January 2019, 4 people were killed and 620 injured when two trains collided in Pretoria. This is just the latest in a string of horrific – and we would say, completely unnecessary! – rail accidents. Millions of workers, who rely on the train network to get to and from work, are taking their lives in their hands just to earn a living. They should be able to expect a safe service. This is to say nothing of the dangers to railway workers and staff. The reality is that the rail network is underfunded and neglected, treated by politicians as a piggy bank for corruption and tenders. WE MUST BUILD A CAMPAIGN TO CHANGE THIS!!


  • For a world-class reliable and safe rail service in South Africa that puts working class commuters and rail and station staff first! Build a campaign for massive investment in, and expansion of, the rail network, including a massive job creation scheme to build new capacity and guarantee adequate maintenance and safety procedures.
  • For fair fares! Reduce ticket prices now. Fund investment and expansion by taxing big business and nationalising under democratic working class control of the banks and finance sector.
  • Kick-out the profiteers! Abolish all tenders without job losses. Bring all contract and outsourced work and staff ‘in house’ as part of an integrated rail network. Organise for a minimum wage of R12,500.
  • Fight corruption and looting! Defend public ownership – oppose bureaucratic mismanagement by big business politicians! For democratic control and management of the rail network by elected committees of rail workers and commuters.
  • Organise and struggle! Unionise all workers on the rail network – drivers, maintenance workers and engineers, station staff, security, cleaners, contract and permanent. Rank-and-file union members campaign for their unions to adopt this programme. Build links with organisations of commuters.
  • Fight for socialism! Organise and struggle for the nationalisation of the banks, the mines, the commercial farms, the big factories and big businesses as the basis for a democratically planned economy to meet the needs of society and not the greed of the rich, big business, and the multinationals.
  • Organise for socialism! Build a socialist mass workers party to unite the struggles of the workplaces, the communities and the youth in a as a vital step toward the creation of a mass revolutionary party.

Download a printable PDF petition here.