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The sex industry: the ultimate commodification

Rosa International Socialist Feminists

by Phemelo Motseokae Featured in our uManyano lwaBasebenzi publication Capitalism works by turning eve­rything in the world into commodi­ties. In the sex industry – strip clubs, pornography, prostitution – commo­dification is extended to women’s bo­dies and, as such, their very beings. Commodification is also reflected in the tendency for sexual relations ge­nerally to take a transactional form, with men buying the powerRead the rest of this page »

Climate Change: here and now for the working class

System Change not Climate Change!

by Rob Krause Featured in our uManyano lwaBasebenzi publication Climate change is rapidly approaching tipping points beyond which irreversible damage will be done to ecosystems and humans could join the list of endangered species. Climate change continues to be discussed as a technical scientific issue and as a threat of the near future, rather than a crisis produced by capitalism which impactsRead the rest of this page »

Editorial: uManyano lwaBasebenzi Issue #2

Originally published 18. March 2020 Dear Reader, Issue #2 of uManyano lwaBasebenzi is going to print as South Africa and the world is further engulfed in crises sparked by the Coronavirus pandemic every day. It is clear we are at the beginning of a monumental historical turning point. Stock exchanges have woken up to reality. The Dow Jones in theRead the rest of this page »

Film Review: Hustlers – Capitalism is an illness

by Phemelo Motseokae Part of Karl’s Korner, featured in our uManyano lwaBasebenzi publication Warning: Spoilers Below Hustlers (2019), a film based on a true story, gives audiences a view of the multi-billion dollar strip club industry. Similar to other enterprises under capitalism in the USA, strip clubs treat dancers as independent contractors. Strippers keep a relatively small portion of the money ‘rained’Read the rest of this page »

Jobs bloodbath: Time for worker control!

by Ferron Pedro Featured in our latest uManyano lwaBasebenzi publication #2 Capitalist economists claim that retrenchments are an unfortunate consequence of an economy in recession. They argue too many workers in government mean it can’t pay its debts and if we don’t retrench some workers, businesses will fold. We must not accept this logic. It is not workers who have failed the economy,Read the rest of this page »

World Congress: CWI Majority becomes International Socialist Alternative

by Phemelo Motseokae Featured in our latest uManyano lwaBasebenzi publication #2 In the past year, a shift in the shaky state of capitalism saw widespread mass struggles and advancing consciousness – growing anti-capitalist sentiment and internationalism. Worldwide, radicalised layers of women and youth took on struggles more militantly. During this time, WASP’s international party, the CWI, had an internal crisis with long andRead the rest of this page »

The Root of the Crisis in State Owned Enterprises

by Newton Masuku & Tinovimbanashe Gwenyaya Featured in our latest uManyano lwaBasebenzi publication #2 The economy continues to plunge deeper into crisis as it enters yet another recession. For the second time since Ramaphosa’s ascendancy, the economy contracted for two consecutive quarters in the last half of 2019. Major companies like Glencore, Samancor and Telkom have announced that thousands of workers willRead the rest of this page »

8 March: International Working Women’s Day

By Carmia Schoeman Featured in our latest uManyano lwaBasebenzi publication Initially a commemoration of the decisive strike action taken by the International Ladies Garment Workers Union, one of the largest unions in USA history, the formal institution of International Working Women’s Day (IWWD) was championed at the 1910 Second International Congress by German socialist, Clara Zetkin. The initial intent of the dayRead the rest of this page »

Coronavirus: Quarantine Capitalism Now!

Our publication will feature the following statement on the coronavirus. See the bottom of the page for details.

WASP EC Statement At the time of writing, the recorded spread of the Coronavirus spans 157 countries, with 62 known cases in South Africa, figures sure to be outdated by the time this is read. Within its few months of existence, this virus has begun to lay bare every fundamental failure of capitalism. The spread of the novel Coronavirus (orRead the rest of this page »

Women rise up!

The fight against gender-based violence Written by Ferron Pedro Featured in our uManyano lwaBasebenzi publication In September 2019, public outrage at the brutal murder of student Uyinene Mrwetyana triggered nationwide protests against the rising tide of gender-based violence in South Africa. Phemelo Motseokae, WASP Tshwane Branch Secretary, reported from the march to the Union Buildings: “Women are now more willing to takeRead the rest of this page »

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