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Can Eskom leaving SA in the dark be the spark for rebellion?

Written by Mametlwe Sebei and Newton Masukuu Featured in our uManyano lwaBasebenzi publication Eskom’s load-shedding has once again plunged us into darkness, marking the beginning of a ‘black Christmas’ season for South Africa. This time the ‘black Christmas’ nightmare will not be limited to the most ‘unfortunate’ – the entire working class and many middle-class people are affected. Implementing StageRead the rest of this page »

SAFTU: Confront GBV in the federation and workplaces! Fight for working class unity!

Workers and Socialist Party

On 23 January, General Secretary of SAFTU, Zwelinzima Vavi, released a statement outlining that the National Spokesperson for the federation, Ntozakhe Douglas Mthukwane, had had his employment withdrawn after a series of background checks revealed that Mthukwane is currently on trial for three rape charges and was convicted in 1995 of attempted rape.  We applaud SAFTU for acting swiftly inRead the rest of this page »

Build for a general strike against the bosses’ resistance

By Mametlwe Sebei The outcomes of the strikes and collective bargaining of 2019 signify a shift in the capitalists´ industrial policy, from political pacification to hardened resistance and the outlines of an impending generalised offensive. This is underlined by stalemates such as the recent SAA and Spar strikes, following the Transpharm strike and defeats such as at Sibanye Gold andRead the rest of this page »

SAA workers fight for better wages and jobs

On Wednesday morning, the Workers and Socialist Party joined and supported the striking workers at South African Airways. Our comrades in SAFTU succeeded in putting forward a motion calling for the SAFTU Central Committee to join the picket and pledge solidarity with the strike. About 100 members and leaders of SAFTU and its affiliates stood shoulder to shoulder with strikingRead the rest of this page »

DA imploding – Only a workers movement can provide a real alternative

By Mametlwe Sebei A series of resignations from South Africa’s official opposition, Democratic Alliance, starting with Herman Mashaba, a reactionary right-wing populist mayor of Johannesburg, who had styled himself a Donald Trump of South African politics, and culminating into resignations of the national leaders of the party itself, including the party leader Mmusi Maimane and Federal Chair Athol Trollip hasRead the rest of this page »

US: How socialists defeated Amazon’s bid to buy Seattle’s elections

By Ty Moore, Socialist Alternative USA Foreword by Alex, Workers & Socialist Party In August of this year I had the opportunity to volunteer for the Vote Sawant campaign run by our US section in Seattle to re-elect Socialist Alternative member Kshama Sawant to Seattle’s district 3 council seat. The visit was brief, but it highlighted the discipline and determination requiredRead the rest of this page »

Harland and Wolff shipyard occupation: A shining example of a trade union strategy to defeat job losses

Workers’ occupation of the Harland and Wolff Shipyard has won a major victory and secured the future of the shipyard, as well as jobs workers were defending under the threat of shipyard closure. The Socialist Party, a sister organisation of the Workers and Socialist Party and CWI affiliate in Ireland, played an important role in supporting the occupation including anRead the rest of this page »

Transpharm Workers March Against Climate Change

Written by Ndumiso and Phemelo Last week on Thursday morning about 150 workers from the pharmaceutical company Transpharm marched to the Department of Energy in Pretoria. The workers led a lively demonstration, singing energetically and toy-toying for hours. Most of the workers had come in support of the Union campaign on Climate and exhibited a high level of interest inRead the rest of this page »

Fight against Xenophobia and Scapegoating

By Newton Masuku, Mametlwe Sebei and Phemelo Motseokae The Workers and Socialist Party calls for ongoing action and intervention to fight against the reactionary xenophobic mobs, criminal violence and rampant looting targeted at foreign migrants.The political and corporate capitalist elite are responsible for all these crimes against migrant communities and the working class. We can also not overlook the dailyRead the rest of this page »

A socialist future or no future at all – Strike for the climate!

By Newton Masuku, Carmia Schoeman and Phemelo Motseokae Today WASP comrades joined the nation-wide climate change marches and intervened to show that we need to fight for a socialist future or we have no future at all. Under Capitalism, everything is driven by the profit motive. This economic system must expand its reach to survive and so it views the environmentRead the rest of this page »

For a socialist South Africa, a socialist Africa, and a socialist world!