Sekhukhune College: glorified high school?

SYM (square)by Hamilton Mzwandile Bolotini

The democratic right of electing the leadership of your choice is being undermined by the Sekhukhune TVET College management. The SRC constitution states very clearly that each and every academic year in February the students must elect their SRC. But now the management has made it very clear by its own actions that they are tired of the politically independent Express Students Movement that has been going an extra mile to champion the best interest of students since it entered the SRC office back in 2012.

The campus manager when she was addressing the ANC-aligned SASCO in their campaign said SASCO should work hard to lobby students in their movement to make sure that Express does not win. They want SASCO in office so that they can do what they used to do back in 2011 – protect the management at the expense of the students they claim to represent.

Delaying the elections is management’s plan to make sure that no one will question the injustices against students – the bursary issues, disability unit, financial exclusions and others. Now there is no communication between the students and the management and the management keeps on telling the students that they will discuss nothing with students without an SRC. We demand our elections!

Express Students Movement