World Congress: CWI Majority becomes International Socialist Alternative

by Phemelo Motseokae

Featured in our latest uManyano lwaBasebenzi publication #2

In the past year, a shift in the shaky state of capitalism saw widespread mass struggles and advancing consciousness – growing anti-capitalist sentiment and internationalism. Worldwide, radicalised layers of women and youth took on struggles more militantly.

During this time, WASP’s international party, the CWI, had an internal crisis with long and unresolved political debates, leading to a split (see Issue #1). In spite of this, over 30 sections of our international party remain united as an active force in working class struggles.

At the 12th world congress held in Belgium in January, comrades from all over the world were energized as we sharpened our political analyses. The world party was unanimously re-named: International Socialist Alternative (ISA). An International Women’s Bureau was formed at the WC, which has launched an International Feminist network: ROSA. It aims to draw in radical layers of women to reach socialist conclusions in the fight for liberation.

ISA’s programme clarifies the tasks necessary to end capitalism and avert the impending doom facing humanity through climate change. We don’t claim to have ready-made answers, but by basing our programme on the worldwide experience of working class struggles and sharp Marxist perspectives, we maintain that the working class remains the revolutionary force that can end capitalism. Our sections are involved in struggles around service delivery, GBV, state repression, and workplaces.

A struggle to win the working class to a revolutionary socialist programme means intervening in workers’ struggles, recruitment, paper sales, internationalism, and political education. We prepare for the re-emergence of socialist consciousness and to link struggles of all oppressed groups with the struggles of workers. The revolutionary party remains principled and revitalised for the period ahead that – more than ever – requires a fight for a socialist world.

Delegates of 12th world congress of the CWI, now renamed International Socialist Alternative (ISA)