No to poverty pay!

Reject R3,500 minimum wage. Organise and struggle for R12,500.

The ANC government, the bosses and many of the trade union leaders have agreed to introduce a national minimum wage of R3,500 per month.

But it costs R6,000+ per month for a family of 5 to cover only the basic necessaries of life – food, electricity, transport, clothing etc. – to say nothing of improving their lives. The new minimum wage is legal poverty-pay!

The government and the bosses will claim that “we” cannot afford it. But there is no recession for the rich. Their wealth continues to grow.


  • For an immediate increase in the new national minimum wage to R10,000 p/m as a step toward R12,500 p/m.
  • No exemptions. Open the books of big business to inspection by workers’ representatives. Nationalise non-complying and job-shedding big businesses. On the basis of proven unaffordability, subsidies and tax relief to small and family businesses.
  • Organise a rigorous regime of workplace inspections to ensure compliance under the democratic control of workers’ representatives.
  • Organise the workplaces to win R12,500! Build industry- and sector-wide action-committees that unite workers in a campaign of rolling mass action.
  • Build a socialist mass workers party to unite the struggles of the workplaces, the communities and the youth as a vital step toward the creation of a mass revolutionary party.

Download printable PDF petition for campaigning here.