Programme & Theory

Our basic ideas

What we stand for

Only Socialism Means Freedom – 2014 Election Manifesto

Socialism and nationalisation: question and answer

Introduction to dialectical materialism

From slavery to the smashing of apartheid


Marx the revolutionary

Mandela’s Legacy

What can Sobukwe teach us for today’s struggle?

Winnie – a warrior

On the Economic Freedom Fighters

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The EFF: populism not socialism

Has the EFF presented the Left with a Revolutionary Moment?

EFFSC damages Tshwane outsourcing struggle

EFF silent on metro job losses

The EFF is 5… and at sixes and sevens

Marxism vs. Nationalism

Class and Race: Marxism, Racism & the Class Struggle

The 1976 Soweto Uprising – from Black Consciousness to Socialism

Marxism vs. Nationalism: What ideas do the youth need?

Marxism and the land

The Freedom Charter: blueprint for socialism or capitalism?